Site Map

Website Expectations

    1. It takes three to six five pages to tell your story.

    2. It takes about two weeks to complete a five page website.

    3. Domain Name.
      • Free:
      • Less than $5.00 a month:

    4. Photos: A good website usually includes many photos. I may be able to act as your photographer. If you provide the photos, they should be:
      • Clear and plentiful. (Take more than one of everything!)

      • Of the people involved, the event, but also of important or interesting objects, flowers, animals, and scenery.

      • Identified by name, date, event, object, area, etc.


    1. $100 for the first page.
      Includes planning session, and one basic design.

    2. $20 for each page thereafter, if the same basic design is used.

    3. If I take the photos, this is extra.

    4. I am willing to trade services of equal value.
      Make an offer.

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